The LifeP04 Lithium Ion Battery (Power-Bank) is currently the most technologically advanced Battery anywhere in the world. It recharges faster and discharges slower than any other Battery, thereby making it much more efficient than any other Battery anywhere in the world. It has its own LCD where you can read information concerning the performance and status of the Battery (Power-Bank) at any point in time. It has in-built Software Management System; it has in-built Battery Monitoring Software; It also has in-built Artificial Intelligence Software Management System; all of which help to monitor the performance of all the Cells at any point in time, so that if any of the Cells develop fault, it will shut it down and automatically repair it, or it will tell us through the LCD to replace that particular Cell (in form of Module) in order for optimum performance to be restored. It means that it is repairable just like any other Electronic Appliances.