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Satlex Communication Nigeria was first registered as a Business Enterprise sometime in July, 1995, and subsequently incorporated as a Limited Liability Company hence it became Satlex Communication Nigeria Limited on the 14th day of November, 1996, under the Chairman and Managing Directorship of Elder Alex I. Omorogbe (Snr.), an Astute Entrepreneur / Business Manager and a Seasoned Administrator.

The primary object of Satlex upon inception was the Sale, Installation and After-Sale-Services of (From Geostationary Orbit) Direct-To-Home (DTH) Satellite Television Receive Systems utilizing (Fibre-Glass or Mesh) Parabolic Satellite Dishes together with accessories such as Satellite Television Receivers; Low Noise Block-downconverters (LNBs); Feed Horn Polarizers; Actuators; etc. Those days, the Direct-To-Home Satellite Television Signals were beamed across Africa, especially through Nigeria, in Analogue Format, they were very weak, hence big Satellite Dishes (ranging from 2.0 Meters diameter to sometimes up to 7.0 Meters diameter) were required in other to have good quality reception (Audio and Visuals) from the C-Band and the KU-Band Spectrums, respectively. Though Technology has evolved over the years to the extent that a Parabolic Satellite Dish as small as 60 to 90 Centimeter diameter can now be used to get much better reception.

Those days, Satlex had a Factory where it was producing various diameters of Parabolic Satellite Dishes - while sourcing the Electronics Accessories / Components from Foreign Partners - for onward sale and installation to End Users and other Installation Companies or Sub-Dealers.

As the years went by, Multichoice launched its services in Nigeria, starting with the C-Band - Analogue Version - and later evolved to the KU-Band, which is the Digital Version, hence it became known as Digital Satellite Television (DSTV). During the beginning years, Satlex was the first and only Accredited Dealer of Multichoice DSTV in the whole of Edo State, Nigeria, for some years, and it controlled and worked with many Sub-Dealers towards achieving much breakthroughs / prosperities for Multichoice DSTV especially in the South-South and Southwestern parts of Nigeria, until it left the business and diversified.

In view of the foregoing, Satlex was one of the pioneers who made it possible for many Nigerians to have access to (From Geostationary Orbit) Direct-To-Home Satellite Television Receive Systems, which enabled many Nigerians to receive and watch numerous Foreign TV Channels from the comfort of their Homes and Offices, especially when the Technology was still quite novel in Nigeria.

The foregoing explains the reason why the appellation “Communication” is part of the registered name of the Company - Satlex Communication Nigeria Limited: At the outset, the Company was registered to carry on communication business – (From Geostationary Orbit) Direct-To-Home Satellite Television Receive Systems, until it diversified.

Having pioneered and played a major and pivotal role in the business of (From Geostationary Orbit) Direct-To-Home Satellite-TV- Receive Systems in the preceding years in Nigeria, and in view of the epileptic nature of the Public Electricity Supply (NEPA) in Nigeria, sometime in the year 2005, Satlex saw the need to systematically diversified into the business of providing Alternative Power / Electricity, especially through Renewable Energy Sources, to Nigerians, again, this was when the Technology of providing Alternative Power through Renewable Energy was quite novel in Nigeria.


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