Our Services

Satlex is known for its excellent customer service response team. At Satlex, we believe that the total customer satisfaction is only achieved when a good quality product is supported by attentive and responsive customer care and after sales services whether you are an end user of one of our products or a channel partner we strive to ensure that you receive the best customer service experience in Nigeria.

We have well trained and competent engineers who are responsible for carrying out installations of our systems, under the highest levels of quality control and product standardization. With customer base that is spread across every aspect of Nigeria. Our (Alternative Power Solution) Products have been tested and proven to be very convenient, Efficient, Durable and Dependable.


Prior to Sale of any of our Products, we usually send Team of our Engineers / Technicians to carry out feasibility survey of the Proposed Project Site. Our Team of Engineers / Technicians will work with the Prospective Customer to determine the type and the capacity of Inverter and or Solar Power System that will be best-suited for His / Her need, depending on the total Load to be powered, expected Pattern of Usage, Priority Appliances and Budget.


As a corollary of the outcome of the above Pre-Sale activities, once the sale has finally taken place, our well trained and experienced Engineers and Technicians are mobilized to the Project Site to carry out installations of the Systems under the highest levels of Quality Control and Standardization, for the optimum performance and the durability of the entire System.


Since we have Customers in every part of Nigeria, we have Strategic After-Sale-Support Machineries in place to ensure that our team of Engineers and Technicians are readily available to offer first-class After-Sale-Support – from real-time telephone support to prompt physical visit - to our Customers within the shortest possible time, irrespective of their geographical location, anywhere in Nigeria.