From 1 & 1/2 Horsepower to 4 & 1/2 Horsepower Solar-Powered Borehole Pumps


Our Solar-Powered Borehole Systems are Photovoltaic Systems that have Energy-Efficient DC Surface and Sub-surface Centrifugal Pumps powered purely by the Solar System. The System is typically ideal for providing portable water in the remotest of locations, where there is no Grid Electricity or where Public Electricity Supply is unstable or unreliable; some cases even in the Urban Areas; and for Farms, especially Fish Farms that require regular supply of fresh water for the overall wellbeing of the Fish; all as part of a self-sustained System. Our Solar-Powered Borehole Systems do not require any form of periodic maintenance that involves additional costs, because they do not depend on NEPA (Public Electricity Supply) or regular Electricity Generator Set – hence no running costs, but entirely on the Solar System. Therefore the cost of paying of NEPA bills and fueling regular Electricity Generator Set, are annihilated completely.