15 Watts to 120 Watts All-In-One Solar-Powered Street/Security Lighting Systems


The All-In-One Solar-Powered Street/Security Lighting System is an Advance Technology that employs LED Light (with very high lumens – brightness intensity), Solar Photovoltaic Module, top quality (maintenance-free) Lithium Battery, Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Solar Charging Controller, and Photocell Sensor for the Dusk-To-Dawn Operation, all integrated, in such a way that it comes as a single Unit. No additional wiring is required. All that is required is to install on top of an appropriate Pole, and switch ON, and it starts working. It is completely Solar-Powered. It recharges during the day, and stops charging automatically once it is fully charged; it comes ON automatically at dusk and works throughout the night; and goes OFF automatically at dawn. It is compacted with good aesthetic value and easy to install; it requires very little space for its installation; it is not elaborate; it is not complex, compared to the traditional or conventional Solar-Powered Street/Security Lighting Systems that can be seen in most places. Street/Security lights powered by Solar Energy can be simply and rapidly installed, giving trustworthy use with potentials of many year, with minimum maintenance required.