75 Watts to 365 Watts Satlex Mono-crystalline & Poly-crystalline Solar panels


Sunlight is free gift of nature. It is abundant in supply, especially in the tropical zone, where Africa is located. Sunlight has become one of the most commonly used sources of Energy Worldwide, due to its consistency and sufficiency. Solar Panels have been developed to help convert Solar Energy from the Sun into Direct Current (DC), which can be re-converted to Alternating Current (AC) and stored with the aid of an Electricity Inverter System, which can then be used to deliver 24/7 Power Supply to Homes, Businesses, Factories, Schools, Churches, etc. Our Satlex Solar Panels are Photovoltaic and Thin-Film Framed Panels that have received many certifications and produced using Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells imported from Germany. All production takes place in India, in our Partners’ Multi-award Winning State-Of-The-Art Factories, under the highest levels of Quality Control and Product Standardization. These Solar Panels are environmentally friendly and highly durable. They come with lifespan of Twenty(20) Years, and are very affordable. They are also maintenance-free.