100AH/12VDC to 200AH/12VDC Deep-Cycle Valve-Regulated (Maintenance-free) Dry Cell Battery


Most of the Dry-Cell Batteries in the Market have been designed for varied and specific purposes. They are best suited to those specific purposes. Hence, they are not suited to Inverter and Solar-Power Systems. If such Batteries are used for Inverter and Solar-Power Systems, they do not perform optimally, and they tend to go bad prematurely due to their constant discharging and recharging, which are typical of Inverter and Solar-Power Applications. Ours is the Deep-Cycle Valve-Regulated (Maintenance-free) Batteries, which have been designed to be 'Cycled' (discharged and recharged) many times and have more Cyclic life than other Batteries. Our Deep-Cycle Valve-Regulated (Maintenance-free) Batteries have the Capacity to deliver Energy at a steady rate for an extended periods, to power the out-put loads, without any problems. With our Deep-Cycle Batteries, there are no wastage at all, as only the required Energy is released at a time, when needed, whilst the unused Energy is stored-up, retained over a long period of time and made available whenever required. These Batteries are "maintenance-free", because they don't require any form of maintenance, and depending on usage, they have lifespan of up to Three(3) Years, and we normally give One(1) Year Warranty, expressly, for them.

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