Solar Panel Sheds & Car Ports


There are occasions that the rooftops may be suitable for the installation of Solar Panels, especially when the Solar Panels are few in number. But when the Solar Panels are many, installing them on the rooftops may predispose the affected part of the roof to some structural defects, which can result in leakages. Also, there are occasions that either there is no rooftop at all to install the Solar Panels, or the total Surface Area of the rooftop is not enough to accommodate all the Solar Panels. These are occasions where our Solar-sheds are needed. Our well-constructed Solar-sheds are suitable to accommodate as many Solar Panels as possible. This helps to prevent leakages that could occur due to the installation of many Solar Panels on the rooftops. Our Solar-sheds have the ability to serve dual purposes of providing very suitable accommodation for the Solar Panels to be installed, while also serving as Car-ports by providing sheds where Cars can be parked and protected from excessive Sun-rays and rainfalls. Our Solar-sheds come in different sizes and different designs, from the very simple and less expensive ones, to the more technical and more expensive ones.